Monday, 15 May 2017

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would do something different to my first couple posts and do a review on the online store Romwe. I've seen a few YouTube videos on it, and it is always coming up in ads on my Facebook, and then one day I decided to take the plunge and order some bits from there and see how it is. And to be honest, I'm actually really happy with it, minus a couple of things I may be returning.

This sunglasses are so cool! And for £5 I didn't think I could go wrong with them. I've only worn them a few times since getting them, as it isn't too sunny in England yet, but I will definitely be making the most of them over the summer. They came in a decent case, and seem pretty sturdy as well, so I think they are amazing for a fiver.

I just bought this as something to throw on when I don't know what to wear and I absolutely love it! It's so soft and comfy and came a bit over-sized, amazing for how much it is! Really happy with this item as well.

Another item I am over the moon with is this blouse, it's so pretty and it's not like anything else I really own, but I want to own more girly and patterned clothing like this for the summer. It's cropped, which I didn't expect, but I still think it looks lovely, especially when its sunny out.

I was really excited to get this dress, I wanted to wear it horse racing and I thought it would be a really nice material and look really cute. However, the big off the shoulder ruffle doesn't really suit me, and the material was horrible. It kind of looked and felt like a nurses dress for me, I tried to style it with a belt, and this did help the overall look, but I would probably not wear this again as the material is just awful.

This is the first item I saw that made me want to initially order of Romwe, however this item was definitely the most disappointing. It comes in one size, which I thought would be fine, but it was tiny on me. I should have looked at the measurements of it, but it was actually really cropped, the arms weren't long enough and the hood didn't really fit over my head without being uncomfortable. This is probably fine for someone a lot shorter than me, but from the image I just presumed it would be over-sized and baggy, as nowhere in the name of it does it say it is cropped. I am definitely returning this item. 

Although a couple items were disappointing, the rest of the stuff I loved and thought were amazing considering the price and what I've heard about the site. It did take a little while to arrive; I think they must ship from China, to Belgium the onto the UK from there. But because I spent over £40 it was free shipping, which pushed me to buy from there even more. 
Let me know what you guys think of Romwe, have you ever ordered anything from there and what has been like?

Nikki, xxx

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Hey everyone! Today I thought I would do something different to my first couple posts and do a review on the online store Romwe. I've s...