Sunday, 23 April 2017

Boston in October

Hi everyone! I thought I would do my first blog post on when I went to Boston for a weekend in October with some friends. It was a fair time ago now but I thought why the heck not show how amazing the city is and how much fun it was. 4 friends and I drove there from Canada, which is where I was studying for a semester, so we were able to drive around Massachusetts as well and go to Salem and Harvard as well as exploring the city. 

On our first full day there we went whale watching, and I don't think I've ever seen anything as amazing as those whales. Unfortunately this was the best photo I got

This is the view from the top floor of the Prudential Tower, it is an amazing building full of shops and places to eat. However, you can pay to take the lift and go to the very top floor which has full glass walls all the way round. The views were amazing, especially at this time of the evening and there was so much you could learn up there about the history of Boston as well. It was well worth the trip up there, even for one of my friends who is terrified of heights. 

Whilst wondering about the city, we went to the Boston park in the city centre. It was massive but absolutely beautiful, I just love this photo of the bridge and the stereotypical Boston buildings behind it. 

We also went to the Boston Red Sox's baseball stadium; I've never played or watched baseball before but it was actually really cool and worth going to

Enjoying a burger at Wahlburgers

Some candid shots of friends whilst we explored the Harvard grounds

We also visited Salem; we went to the witch museums and did all the witchy things and did the walking tour on our. But we also went to this street which was voted the most beautiful street in America, and I can honestly see why. It was super rainy that day, but it added to how beautiful Salem was.

The Salem Witch Museum, whale watching, prudential centre and Red Sox tour were all included in the Boston Go Pass which we purchased - I would recommend this to anyone going for a short length of time and wanting to pack a lot in, it was worth the money and worth looking in to. 

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Boston for a weekend, and I would definitely advise it to anyone. It is a beautiful city, and has so much amazing stuff and I think for my first ever time in the USA it was definitely a great place to start. 

*All these photos were taken on my iPhone

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